Wednesday 17 June 2020

EFL Material: Present Perfect Game - Have you ever...?

Sol Tovar

Are you looking for a game to practice Present Perfect with your students? Download this PDF for your A2/B1 English classes!

Hey there and welcome to my blog! Here you can download free material for your English classes. I have created this game to revise and recycle Present Perfect. The game is thought for A2 or B1 students, it works best with adolescents and adults. There are two versions available: a full colour one, and a greyscale one.

Have you ever...? Game - Colour version

Have you ever...? Game - Greyscale version

To download the print-quality PDF, click here.

I recommend laminating the printed game, so it lasts longer.

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Sol Tovar / Author & Editor

Freelance EN-ES Translator, EFL Teacher, Profesora de ELE.

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